What's it all about...

My mind is getting overloaded with ideas, stories and plans. So I have decide to let some of the drivel seep out for anyone that finds themselves on this site to either love or hate.

The only other way I can explain this site is to call it a blog with extras. By extras I mean this site will contain my ideas, creative writing, piece of text I'm currently reading, some of my sketches and anything else I feel like sharing.

Recent Posts

The ULTIMATE Cheese Making Kit

Love a bit of cheese.

I was pleasantly surprised when my girlfriend bought me ‘The ULTIMATE Cheese Making Kit’ for┬áChristmas. Let’s make some Goats Cheese


I bought a guitar, again.

My third guitar, Ibanez AEG10II-BK Black. Hopefully this time I’ll stick to learning


Record Store Day 2015

This year we had our sights on a few of the limited releases, however not all of them were in stock, we still managed to pick up a good haul


College Music

Today I remembered a band from my past, that inspired me to think of all the music I listened to during college


Shakespeare wrote Star Wars?

That chap had some imagination; thinking up the idea of space, life on different planets, light-speed travel, lasers, lightsabers…you get the picture


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