Tiberius + Isabel

As I stand with my toes hanging over the edge, I look down into the void and think about the choices that have lead me here… to this very spot… to the end…

I open my eyes to see the most wonderful day I have seen to date. Clear deep blue skies with the sun beaming down warming my exposed chest. The birds singing their merry songs up high in the tree that I am now resting beneath. I cast my gaze to my side, there lies Isabel cuddled up against me with her legs tangled with mine. When I find myself awake before her, I enjoy lying still watching her rest. She is truly beautiful. The way her long brown hair falls like a veil down over her shoulders. How sweet and inviting her lips are drawing me in to kiss her. The way her body swells and falls with every breath. Isabel is mine and I am hers forever.

We first met during a mutual friends’ engagement ceremony. It was love at first sight and we have barely parted since.

My name is Tiberius Thorn.