Christmas Poem


The trees are all but bare,
Save steadfast pines which winter months do spare.

the nights grow long yet sleep does not prevail
for little children set on St Nick’s tale

Their windows grow with baited breath opaque
as, eyes set skyward, wishes they do make

In hope their misdeeds are forgiven
and wondrous gifts lie under the tree.

A cold is in the air,
tempting the snow to tumble fine and fair

the neighbourhood cat begins its nightly prowl
leaving a trail of footsteps in the snow.

With drooping eyes, off to bed the children creep
for nodding head must have time to sleep.

dreams of Christmas cheer spin around their heads
snuggled up warm and cozy within their beds.

Afar a star is spotted shining bright
Growing larger and larger through the night

A jolly laugh begins to echo round
There’s jingling bells and joyful festive sounds

Soon all the fireside stockings are full to brim
And every man and child knows Santa’s been

Awakened, children race downstairs to see…
Their piles of presents piled high under the tree.