Violin Practice

violin practice

I have decided to learn how to play the violin.


I was listening to Vivaldi - Four Seasons performed by Sarah Chang, this is not the only album that I have that focuses on the violin.

  • The Essential Joshua Bell - Joshua Bell
  • Phantasia - Julian Lloyd Webber & Sarah Chang

I started thinking about learning the violin about 5 years ago, but didn’t follow it through. This time I have bought a Violin (not a very expensive model), so I can at least have a go and see if it is something I could pick up.

What to Play

I have my eye on a few bits of music I would like to actually play, they are pretty short so hopefully they may be easier to pickup and remember.

The first bit of music is the theme song to the TV Show ’Angel’, I found a tab version of this that was converted to violin from guitar.

The second piece of music I would like to learn is from a scene in the movie ’Queen of the Damned‘.

I don’t think I will ever get anywhere near a professional grade. As I am only learning this just for fun. I am more likely to play folk style music then classical, as I find that the classical style is very rigid were folk is more relaxed.

This is Hard

After the first week of owning a violin, I must of played it about twice (I say ‘played’ it was more like ‘made noise with’).

I am trying the “learn via YouTube” approach, the only down side to this is that the YouTube video can’t interact with me and correct my mistakes. I found an online tutor that posts videos to YouTube, The Online Piano & Violin Tutor. She is down to earth and gives useful tips, while teaching the viewer the best way to learn from the start.

After a lot more practice I may post a recording here…