Record Store Day 2015


Record Store Day started in America in 2007. It wasn’t long before the record stores in the UK adopted the day. On this day every year some artists release unique, limited editions or re-releases, most on Vinyl occasionally on Cassette Tape.

This time last year my girlfriend and I had decided to attend our first Record Store Day, we were hoping to get our hands on the 10” glow in the dark single of Ghostbusters. Sadly my car broken-down which resulted in us missing the day – later that year my girlfriend gave me the vinyl as a present.

This year we had our sights on a few of the limited releases, however not all of them were in stock, we still managed to pick up a good haul:

  • Micheal Jackson - Bad
  • Madness - Lovestuck (7” Single)
  • Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
  • Elton John - Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy
  • The Smiths - The World Won’t Listen
  • Aerosmiths - Music from Another Dimension!
  • The Damned - Another Live Album From the Damned

Some of the records we missed out on:

  • Original London Cast - Rocky Horror Show
  • OST - Psycho
  • The Zombies - She’s Not There (7” Single)

Let the eBay hunt begin…

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