My Day As Batman…

published on November 23, 2012

The night had been long. I had just returned The Joker back to his cell at Arkhem Asylum. He had escaped just over a month ago with the help of Harley Quinn. The two of them had turned Gotham City streets into some kind of sadistic circus. I had eventually tracked them both to an abandoned steel mill in the outskirts of the city limits. A battle of cunning, nerve and ultimately strength ensued, ensuring that justice would be dealt. When it was clear the advantage tipped in my favour, Harley Quinn abandoned The Joker.

As dawn is quickly approaching I am hastily making my way back to The BatCave, I intend to have a well deserved rest after a quick bite to eat. I can only hope that during my absence that Alfred has not done something silly like opening my parents home Wayne Manor up to the public.


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Please note that I have an arrangement with authorities so that the location of the BatCave entrance will never be displays on any map…


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