Hawkstone Park Follies

hawkstone park follies

During our latest break in Wales my girlfriend and I picked up a few tourist leaflets, showing attraction around the area that would be interesting to visit. One of those leaflets was for Hawkstone Park Follies.

Realising that Hawkstone Park is in Shropshire, not too far from where we live. We decided that this would be a great place to visit during a weekend.

Hawkstone Park Follies is a historic woodland, in the Shropshire landscape of cliffs and crags. Within the park are several extraordinary monuments, some of which were built over 200 years ago.

Walking around the park you would start believing that you were in a fantasy world of winding tree and magical creatures, So it’s not too hard to imagining why in 1988, the BBC filmed an adaptation of The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis.

Location of Hawkstone Park Follies