Geocaching is an outdoor activity a lot like orienteering. It’s basically a treasure hunt use GPS coordinates to hide and seek containers (known as caches).


I have known about Geocaching for a while now, but never thought much of going hunting for any cache. While doing a Google search for places of interest in the area where my girlfriend lives (a lovely little village in the countryside), I found a reference to a Geocache location.

I enjoy walking around the countryside, finding public right of way paths that take me through fields and to lovely areas (water and mud proof walk boots required).

So I downloaded the official Geocaching app for my iPhone, and surprise my girlfriend with a little Geocaching hunt around her village.

We found all three we aimed to find. The app is great; it gave us a pin on a map for the rough area of where the cache is hidden and then hints to its hiding place. Once we found them we wrote our names on the log contained within the cache and posted that we found it using the app.

Its a very interesting way to explorer a new area that we may visit, with some Geocaches having puzzles and quests to discover the hidden item.

The next time we go for a day out anywhere we will definitely fit in a bit of Geocaching.