Dayout in Pembrokeshire

published on February 3, 2013

A friend told me about a place in wales that she would like to visit. I did not need much persuading to take a trip to wales. The place she wanted to visit was a ruined monastery at Monk Haven near St Ishmaels.

After about 30mins of looking around the area on Google Maps, I found two more places that I could include in our trip.

Driving through Wales was not very exciting before sunrise, however we arrived in St Ishmaels at about 11:00. I had found a interesting coastal walk that would take us very close to the monastery.

During the walk we spotted a lighthouse, some amazing views and a pillbox complex that I would have like to investigate but I didn’t have a flashlight.

The monastery was pretty impressive, it really looked like nature and time and given it a good beating.

The next place that we visited was Manorbier Castle which is situated very close to a beach. Unfortunately the castle is closed during the winter season, so we could only see the exterior. We then took a brief walk on the beach and sent a few sand messages to our friends.

We then drove into Tenby where we had a meal, then when for another walk on the beach in the dark.

After a long day, the drive home was not easy. This was because at about 19:00 we encountered snow. I hadn’t really driven at night while it was snowing, but I did find it funny when I noticed that it looked like the starship USS Enterprise had engaged its warp speed reactors.

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