Dayout 27th May 2012

We (my family and myself) decide to visit my great grandparents grave. I used to go along with my family once every 2 years, however its been a long time since I have been there.

While helping clear up the dead flowers and replacing them with fresh ones, I noticed a lot of drumsticks placed next to a tombstone.

I stepped over for a closer look to find that it belonged to John Henry Bonham, the drummer of Led Zeppelin.

John Henry Bonham -Tombstone

After a short stay at the graveyard we decide to go for a drive to find a pub for our lunch. We had only been driving for about 30 minutes until we found The Red Lion Pub and Restaurant.

I found it to be a very nice place, the staff we’re very friendly. The menu had a wide array of chooses (which can be found on the website). I was tempted to select the Mixed fish platter, but after hearing that it had 4 different fillets of fish (I can’t remember which) I choose something I could manage to eat.

I ordered: Beer battered cod, garden peas, fries & a pickled onion It was very good and I did not have to wait too long for it to arrive in front of me. The fish was a lot larger than I had expected but I still managed to finish it off.