Dayout 23rd September 2012

Powis Castle is one of the more attractive castles I have visited. It sits on a mound overlooking it’s rolling gardens that is home to a small peacock family.

Inside the castle there are many portraits and painting as you would except to see,  however castle has many wall painted murals that are very extravagant. Unfortunately I was not able to take any photos inside the castle. This did frustrate me, so much so I asked if there was any way I could take photos. The reply I got was only partly agreeable; Flash photography may damage the delicate pieces of art (to this i replied, i would not need to use flash) and the National Trust do not own all of the pieces of art (i can argee with this as the ower/artist may not be willing to have the art spread around the internet).

Apart from the photography issue, Powis Castle & Garnden is a very nice place to visit (even though it was raining).