Yeah Roy…

published on November 29, 2012

Yeah Roy

For those who don’t know… “Yeah Roy” is a quote from an amazing comedy film staring Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, Hot Fuzz…

A highly motivated, addicted to the job London cop is transferred to a small town. Upon his arrival he is partnered up with a witless new partner. While going about their police duties in a more tranquil environment, Police Sergeant Angle Angel stumble upon a series of suspicious accidents.


Point Break or Bad Boys 2?

Danny Butterman: Point Break or Bad Boys II?
Nicholas Angel:
Which one do you think I’ll prefer?
Danny Butterman:
No, I mean which one do you wanna watch first?

I’d like to point out the array of DVD’s on the shelves, I remember a time when I could display my DVD’s like that. Sadly they are now case-less in storage boxes because the collection has grown extremely eclectic.


Time to Kick Ass

With a cast full of recognisable stars, a bit of a who did it and a finale that would make Point Break and Bad Boys 2 proud. This movie will not only have you laughing, it will also make you want to sign up to the police force service to learn of the place in a man’s head that if shot it will blow-up.


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