Go To Sleep

Go To Sleep

Don’t you just hate it when your lying in bed trying to fall asleep but all your brain wants to do is replay your day or worse all the moments in your life your not to pleased with.

Sleeping is out of the question for at least 3 hours!


Counting Sheep!

Don’t make me laugh!

This method of putting yourself to sleep has never worked on me. In fact if this has ever work on anyone the reasoning is because they have got so bored they simply drift away. How about a nightcap?

Why not try getting smashed, drink enough vodka to pass out. This is an option that I don’t partake in but on the occasional night out when I get back home I tend to hit the bed and I’m out. Likely side efforts are a hangover.

Getting Bored Theory!

There is one way that has successfully made me fall asleep twice in the past. Gladiator (yes the movie). I watched this for the first time with a couple of mates, I was told I got halfway into the film when I fell asleep.

The same thing happened a second time when I watched it alone, I fall asleep halfway into it.

I must watch the film again sometime, maybe I will see it to the end or maybe I will fall sleep again.